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TDOSA European style dryer takes advantage of rotary function of rotary drum dryer, mixing function of mixing dryer and air flow principle of air flow dryer, which greatly improves drying efficiency. 

Inlet size】: 20-40mm

Output capacity】: 0.8-4t/h

Applicable materials】:biological makings and light materials. 

Product Introduction

European style dryer can be used to deal with great amount of materials. Thanks to its stable running, great flexibility, great adaptability and large handling capacity, it can be widely applied to metallurgy, building material, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal industry and medicine industry. It can also be applied to drying sticky gypsum materials or materials with high moisture. European style drying machine holds many advantages such as large output capacity, wide application field, low flow resistance, wide fluctuating range and convenient operation. Therefore, it is always applied to drying various sludge, such as domestic sludge, chemical sludge and sewage sludge.
Here is a comparison table of taida drying machine in different times. 

Item Name Model output capacity Total Power Electricity Consumption  Coal Consumption Labor Force Floor Area
1 Common rotary dryer 1.2*12m 1t/h 19.4kw 14.5° 50-70kg 3 60㎡
2 Air flow dryer QL1000 1t/h 22.4kw 16.8° 90-100kg 4 80㎡
3 European style dryer TDOS-2 1t/h 13.6kw 7.8° 30-40kg 2 35㎡

Product Superiority

1. Taida new type drying equipment holds brand new design idea. It is characterized by energy-saving, environmental protection and less area occupied.
2. Besides less area occupied, taida European style machine holds many other good qualities, such as large output capacity, less labor force, high automatic level, convenient operation and advanced technology.
3. Taida always put customers at first place. With more reasonable structure, this machine holds less spare parts.
4. European style dryer adopts Taida advanced patent technology. It can be used to dry special materials which cannot be dried by common dryers. We can also guarantee the final products’ quality.
5. Compared with air flow dryer and rotary drum dryer, the output capacity of TDOSC dryer is increased by 50% to 70%.
6. Energy-saving: for drying the same kind of materials, it can save 50% electricity and 60% heat energy.
7. Environmental friendly: it adopts newest environmental technology to collect dust.
8. Operation cost is reduced by 30% compared with traditional dryer. 


Working principle

Biomass with about 40% moisture content will pass through screw feeder and feed hopper. Then, materials will be sent to dryer by belt conveyor. Then, materials will be driven to dryer’s cylinder by propulsion device. With the function of lifting plates evenly distributed in rotary drum, material will contact fully with hot air. Special can be dispersed further in order to realize ideal drying aim. Pre-dried materials will enter pulse air flow drying tube for secondary drying process. After separation, raw materials will enter material collector. Then, final products will be discharged out. Here, drying process is finished. Exhaust gas will be discharged after passing by pipeline, fan and dust collector. After being dried, nutrition elements, such as protein, starch and beneficial bacteria will not be damaged. The final products hold uniform color and good quality. 


Technical Parameters

Model Screw Conveyor Dryer Body  Mixing&Dispersing Device Charging&Discharging Device Exhaust Fan Overall Dimensions
Model  Power  Power  Size 
TDOS- GX200×1.0m 1.1 KW 4-4.5 KW 1.0×3.8m 2.2 KW valve 5.5 KW 1.5*5.5*2
TDOS- GX250×1.5m 1.1 KW 5.5 KW 1.2×4.5m 3.0 KW valve  5.5 KW 1.8*5.5*2
TDOS- GX300×1.5m 1.5 KW 7.5 KW 1.5×4.5m 4.0 KW valve  11 KW 2.5*9.5*2.2
TDOS- GX400×2.0m 1.5 KW 11 KW 1.8×4.5m 5.5 KW 1.5 KW 15 KW 2.8*9.5*2.5
TDOS- GX400×2.0m 1.5 KW 15 KW 2.0×5.0m 7.5 KW 1.5 KW 18.5 KW 3.0*10*2.8
TDOS- GX500×2.0m 2.2 KW 18.5 KW 2.2×5.5m 7.5 KW 1.5 KW 22 KW 3.0*11*3.0


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