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According to heat exchange principle, steam dryer makes use of heat emitted from steam radiator. Thermal cycling process will be produced through continuous air absorption of fan. Materials in drum will be stirred repeatedly and dried gradually with the revolution of dryer. 

Inlet size】: 0.2-5

Production capacity】: 1.9-900t/d

Applicable materials】:steam dryer is always applied to chemical industry, coal mine, food industry, building factory, dying plant and textile industry, especially used for places with adequate steam available. 


Product Introduction

  Steam dryer is specially designed for rotary dryers which regard steam as heat source. It applies steam as drying media and adopts indirect dying form. It is mainly used for materials with low fire point, such as coal, temperature-sensitive materials and arsenic materials which will produce harmful matters with high temperature. It can also be applied to other relevant materials. Owing to its indirect heating mode, the whole drying process is very safe and reliable. Therefore, steam dryer can eliminate safe risk brought some materials which may cause potential danger by direct drying mode.
1. The steam dryer’s body is supported in steel bracket by bearing box which is installed two ends of central axial. Thus, the dryer body will form a certain angle with horizontal level. With the drive of transmission device, dry will rotate slowly. Raw materials will enter feeding inlet of dryer through feeder. With the function of screw belt set in drying tube, raw materials will move to discharge end. After separation of outlet hopper, materials will be discharged out.
2. Over-heat steam is input into dryer through air inlet line. Then, steam will fully fill the internal dryer through air outlet at central axis. Materials will exchange heat through drying tube, which will make superficial moisture of materials evaporated fast. Correspondingly, the aim to reduce moisture can be achieved. After cooling process, hot vapor and condensation water will be discharged out through air outlet pipe with the function of rotation. 


Product Superiority

  • Superior Product Superiority

    All the welding parts are manufactured by professional factories; guaranteed quality

  • Steam Pipeline 

    Both the valve and pipeline adopt superior texture. With long service life.

1. The cylinder of steam dryer is made of superior stainless steel plate. Therefore, its service life is more than 10 years.
2. Feeding and discharging head adopts special seal structure, which can effectively reduce thermal loss. The insulation layer of steam dryer is stuffed by high-density aluminum silicate, which can guarantee good insulation performance and safe production process.
3. Drying temperature can be controlled by intelligent display instruments. The electrical control system can control the positive and negative rotation of dryer. We can adjust drying time according to different process requirements. Our steam dryer can automatically fulfill the whole drying process.
4. Steam dryer covers less area. It is suitable for different places.
5. Steam dryer holds lower power consumption and high thermal efficiency. Steam consumption has reached to advanced level among similar products. Core parts of steam dryer is made of superior materials. It adopts advanced expanding technology. Taida steam dryer greatly absorbs and eliminates alternating ability in the rotation process, which can greatly reduce fracture defect of traditional welding process.
6. Steam dryer can carry out both concurrent drying process and countercurrent drying process. Therefore, steam dryer can be suitable for dealing with heat-sensitive materials. 


Working principle

 Steam dryer adopts air blower circulation mode for air circulation system. Air circulation system is characterized by uniformity and high efficiency. Air source is driven by circulating air blower (adopt contactless switch) and passes through heater. Hot air will be sent out. Then, hot air will enter drying chamber through air duct. Used air will be absorbed to air duct for recycling utilization. The air uniformity indoor will be guaranteed. When the temperature value swings owing to door open or closing, air-supply circulation system will return operation status until reach to set temperature value.
  Steam, hot water and other heat carrier will be added through steam journal. Then, heat carrier will be distributed to heating pipes through junction box and discharged out by steam journal again. Raw materials will be dried after being lifted and mixed by heating pipe. Owing to the inclination of drying cylinder, materials will move to lower end from higher end and be discharged through discharging hopper. 


Technical Parameters

Specifications  TDGD120 TDGD140 TDGD160 TDGD180 TDGD200 TDGD220 TDGD250
Output Capacity (t/d) 50 100 200 300 400 600 900
Rated Power (kw) 3 4 5.5 7.5 11 11 15
Steam Pressure (Mpa) 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
Weight (kg) 6350 8760 12700 13800 16700 19200 24200
Rotation Speed (r/pm) 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-3 1-2 1-2 1-2
Overall Dimensions (m) 5.8*1.9


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