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Microwave infrared dryer is a kind of equipment which makes use of microwave or infrared ray to dry raw materials. This kind of drying equipment can be widely applied to stoving varnish, solidification and drying in light industry; dehydration, color fixing, heat shaping in chemical fiber, textile manufacturing, dyeing and printing products; processing food, medicine, plastics, wood, leather, glass, ceramics and electrical components. 

Inlet size:】: 0.2-5
Output capacity】: 0.8-5.5t/h
Applicable materials】:porcelain glaze, paper, glass fiber mat, dyeing and printing products, silk, cloth, medicine dregs, chemical sludge and dyeing sludge.

Product Introduction

  Microwave infrared drying is a new type of drying mode. In the drying process, microwave can be directly acted on medium molecule to transfer heat energy. Owing to its penetration, microwave can make medium heated internally and externally at the same time, no need for heat conduct. Therefore, heating process is very fast. For food materials whose moisture content are lower than 30%, drying speed can be reduce by hundreds of times. No matter what kind of shape raw materials are, raw materials can be heated uniformly because raw materials are heated from internal side and external side at the same time. Therefore, bad drying effects, such as over-burn. Thus, drying quality will be improved greatly.
  Microwave is a kind of high-frequency wave whose frequency is 2450MHZ. accordingly, microwave will penetrates deeply into materials and interacts with polar molecule. After absorption of microwave energy, primary structure of polar molecule will change. Meanwhile, there will be a great amount of friction heat produced by mutual collision which will make materials heated very quickly. Correspondingly, moisture will be evaporated in order to achieve drying aim.
TDWB microwave dryer is suitable for drying pellet and chip materials in food, medicine and industrial field.
  So-called microwave means that materials will directly do function to raw materials in order to fulfill fast heat increasing aim. Drying period can be greatly reduced. Special features: short drying time, fast drying speed; low-temperature drying process; uniform drying effect. Materials’ primary quality will not be changed. Original ingredients and nutrition can be kept without any damage. It is a kind of energy-saving and simple operation procedure. With good adjustment performance, microwave dryer holds advanced technical process.
Functions and characteristics:
  This drying system holds automatic temperature control system, automatic microwave control system, automatic alarm system, video monitoring system, automatic correcting deviation system, raw material control system, PLC control system and etc. microwave tube adopts Panasonic brand. According to different customer’s request, transformer can adopt oil-immersed water cooling type, wind cooling type and self-cooling type.
  This machine is characterized by simple operation, high output capacity, environmental-friendly, fast heating speed, uniform heating and easy control. We can guarantee 24-hour continuous work.
Main strengths:
  Practical, high performance cost ratio, flexible operation less labor force. This whole system has many major advantages such as less work time, high output capacity, less production intense, less are occupied, no air pollution and no damage to materials’ property. With advanced technical process, this drying system is much easier to control. Compared with common drying method, it costs less time to start-up. No thermal inertia, easy and flexible operation; microwave power is be adjustable. 

Product Superiority

Superior advantages of Taida microwave dryer
1. Our drying machine can meet standards of large-scale, high strength, high economic behavior and high-moisture raw materials.
2. We are a professional manufacturer which mainly researches on combined dryer, microwave dryer, ultraultrared dryer and other efficient dryer.
3. We attach much importance to R&D of automatic control in order to fulfill optimal operation condition and fewest worker.
4. All of our operation process can meet environmental protection requirements. We can design special environmental measures for our dryer in order to avoid dust and exhaust gas emission.  

Unique steel belt, fulfill what you think impossible
Taida is the first manufacture at home to adopt steel plate on microwave dryer, which will not affect drying effect, but also brings better transmission effect. It holds longer service life.
No matter how many la
yers you want, we can help you to realize.
As a leading enterprise in drying industry, Zhengzhou Taida drying equipment Co,. Ltd ranks top in mesh-belt drying industry. We can adopt multi-la
yer mesh-belt for our microwave dryer series in order to reduce occupied area.
Wide application
This equipment can be applied to agricultural products, food, medicine, chemical industry and nonferrous me
Food type: such as bean product, flower, edible fungi, side crops, dry fruit, snack food, additives and expanded product.
Medicine type: such as medical intermediate, Chinese herbal medicine, pill and power;
Chemical industry: such as inorganic salt, catalyst and rubber chemicals.
With best quality and best equipment configuration, our microwave dryer holds loner service life.
In order to achieve good drying effect and last longer service life, we adopt superior infrared radiant heater in order to save your trouble.
With combination of microwave and infrared ray, Taida microwave can reduce free moisture fast and infrared ray can eliminate compound water.
Takes advantage of feature of microwave to free moisture contained in raw materials; add one infrared unit for further dehydration in order to achieve perfect drying quality.
Microwave series has intimate connection with other drying series.
According to customer’s requirements, we can provide corresponding technical process to pre-dry. Microwave drying works as a supplement dry method for full drying effect. We have professional drying technology and experienced team which can offer you all-round service.


Working principle

Structure of TDWB continuous microwave dryer
  Main structure: feeding system, microwave feeding suppressor, microwave drying chamber, microwave transformer yoke, microwave discharging suppressor, outlet system and microwave console.
1. Transfer feeding system is welded by angle iron, configuration: Large rotary drum, small rotary drum, deflection adjustment system, we can set one automatic silo according to customer’s requests.
2. There are suppressing chip and leak-proof device set at microwave suppressor.
3. Microwave drying chamber consists one power supports which are the majority of parts in microwave device. Cabinet device: auxiliary transmission roller, observation door, microwave magnetron, magnetron cooling device (water cooling&air cooling), steam outlet, illumination, temperature measurement and automatic microwave control system.
4. Microwave transformer rack refers to installation mounting rack of all electrical components: capacitance, diode, transformer and electrical cooling equipment.
5. Discharging system is welded by angle iron. Configuration: motor, reducer, rotary drum, manual trimming and receiving hopper.  
Microwave control console is the brain of the whole microwave equipment. Configuration: control button, control circuit and testing indicator. 


Technical Parameters


Mirowave Frequency

Microwave Power/kw

Input power/kw

Input Voltage 


Dehydration capacity 







8m×1.0m×1.8m (H)








8.5m×1.5m×2.0m (H)








13.5m×1.5m×2.0m (H)








17.4m×1.5m×2.0m (H)








19.5m×1.5m×2.0m (H)





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