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Zhengzhou Soybean Meal Production Line

    Production Status

  • Daily Running:8h
  • Initial Moisture:55%
  • Final Moisture:8%
  • Input Quantity:1.2t/h
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Customer Feedback

  Our company mainly specializes in sales of fermented bean pulp, brewer grain and bean dregs. Before knowing Taida machine, we bought one rotary feedstuff drying machine whose drying effect is not good. After being dried by common rotary dryer, both raw materials’ color and nutrition are damaged. Also, rotary dryer occupies too much area, holds high energy consumption and high noise. Having searched countless relevant websites, I didn’t find ideal equipment. It is Taida air-swept drying equipment that impressed me deeply. At once, we got contact with Taida. Professional Taida engineers introduced us detailed advantages of air swept dryer. But, we still have doubts about the drying effect. Under this circumstance, Taida group figured out a way to convince us. Without worrying about high risk, Taida group lets us to use equipment first. We are allowed to pay after being satisfied with the drying effect. We are touched by Taida’s fearless spirits. After real application of Taida dryer, we are deeply impressed by perfect drying effect of air swept dryer which greatly maintain raw materials’ color and nutrition. Our customers also are really satisfied with the quality of our feedstuff. With the good wishes of customer, Taida will be more and more professional. 

Case Introduction

 According to customer’s introduction, fermented bean dregs, bean pulp and brewer grain are difficult to dry owing to its stickiness. Also, drying temperature should be controlled strictly, or the raw materials quality will be damaged. If nutrition is damaged, raw materials will be difficult to sell. According to customer’s real situation, we recommend customers to our new type air swept dryer which is specially designed for fermented materials. We can also design one secondary drying process at the equipment end according to materials’ moisture, which can maintain raw materials’ good color and nutrition.
 With the expanding of production scale, this customer gains more faith to Zhengzhou Taida air swept dryer. They are ready to purchase another set of air swept dryer for larger production. This customer carries out further communication with Taida technical department on air swept drying process. They gained new and deep cognition to Taida drying machine. We believe that with continuous innovation, Zhengzhou Taida will produce more and more efficient machines.  

Other Sludge Drying Project Cases

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