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Textile Sludge Dryer Perfectly Accomplished

Guide:China famous textile sludge drying manufacturer--Zhengzhou Taida Group perfectly accomplished Bahrain customer's requirements for textile sludge drying machine.

  TDOSC sludge dryer for Bahrain customer perfectly accomplished. No matter consering from manual work, design and manufacturing quality, customer gives Taida positive evaluation. 

textile sludge dryer manufacturer

  Owing to large volume of equipment, in order to let customers start opeation in advance, we dispatched this whole set of equipment in two batches. In the other days,the first batch equipment has left Qingdao Port to Bahrain. We firmly believe that under guidance of Taida professional engineer, they will well solve the textile sludge and meet government standards. As a professional sludge drying machine manufacturer in central plains, Zhengzhou Taida is benefiting more and more customers with its mature technology and considerate service. 

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