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Philippines Customer Seeks Help to Taida for Municipal Sludg

Guide:Chinese famous sludge drying system manufacturer-Zhengzhou Taida Group attracts customer;s attention for municipal sludge drying system.

  Taida Group has been dedicated to R&D of various raw materials’ drying work for many years. With years’ experience accumulation and technology innovation, Zhengzhou Taida has become a famous and advanced drying equipment manufacturer at home and abroad. Until now, Zhengzhou Taida sludge dryers have been widely applied to various aspects. With more attention paid to environmental protection, sludge disposal has become a hot topic which cannot be denied. Therefore, customers from different countries refer to Taida for help on municipal sludge dryer treatment technical solutions.

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  Through website publicity, Philippines customer realizes that Zhengzhou Taida is a professional manufacturer specialized in dealing with various sludge. This customer came to us for discussing reasonable treatment plans and wants to visit our production workshop. We believe that taida professional drying equipment can make customer convinced. More details for sludge drying equipment, please follow us at htttp://www.drying-machine.org/. 

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