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India Customer Vist Taida For European Spent Grain Dryer

Guide:Zhengzhou Taida Group-professional spent grain drying equipment manufacturer in China attracts customer's attention with its spent dryer's advanced structure and good performance.

 Customer from a famous Indian brewery house. Daily output can reach 200 to 300 tons. Owing to high moisture, spent grains from brewery house will produce very bad smell and bring about server health risk. Through internet, this customer got to know that Zhengzhou Taida is a very famous and professional drying equipment manufacturer. Therefore, in order to witness the good performance and advanced structure of Taida Spent grain dryer, customer got contact with Taida sales manager through social network software.

speng grain drying equipment supplier in China

  Seeing is believing. After visiting Taida workshop, customer gains deep interests in Taida European style spent grain dryer. At present, we are discussing further cooperation plan.

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