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Three cylinder drying machine eight structure characteristic


1."N" type structure design, less heat loss, high heat transfer efficiency, beneficial materials drying.The material drying by hot air flow in one cylinder,at the same time,drying by heat in another cylinder indirectly,low temperature of the outer cylinder have thermal insulation effect on high temperature of the inner cylinder.Cylinder body self thermal insulation thermal efficiency as high as80% ( the traditional single tube dryer thermal efficiency is only 35% ) to improve the heat efficiency of 45% outlet temperature is low, high utilization rate of heat energy.

2.The material and hot air flow drying process, wide application range.It can adapt to clay, coal, slag, iron and other raw materials' drying, also applies to the metallurgical, chemical and other departments and the various bulk materials, materials remain original activity.

3.Compact structure, flexible process layout, less investment.To ensure the material drying process time required for premise, overall length is shortened by about 70%, facilitates the process layout. While reducing the plant construction area, save the project investment about 50%, easy to realize the automatic control, is more suitable for the transformation of the old plant process layout.

4.fuel can use kerosene vapor.Material with water is below 0.5%, it is the best choice for fly ash and slag powder production line.

5.Special material raising, material scattering device, so that the material, gas exchange efficiency.

6.The transmission device has improved.Cancelled large, small gear transmission,using the four riding wheel rim drive, the structure is more compact, more convenient installation, repair, operation rate is higher.

7.The motor speed regulating cylinder speed, automatic temperature monitoring system. To make the operation more convenient.According to the moisture of material , production requirements, adopt appropriate speed, ensure that the procedures under the demand.

8.Optimized structure design and abrasion resistance treatment, guarantee the service life of the equipment.The lifting plate used imported wear-resistant steel, feed hopper used ladder type material structure, inlet cone and cylinder made of heat resisting steel plate, for the long-term safety, trouble-free operation laid a solid foundation.

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